Foreign Affairs Office of Suzhou Municipal Government visited international students in SVU
Author:International College  Source: Date:2020-02-22 Times:0

Author:International College  Source: Times:0



On February 21, accompanied by Zhang Jian, vice president of Suzhou Vocational University, Shen Yue, director of Europe and Africa Department, and Hua Jia, deputy director of Translation Center of Foreign Affairs Office of Suzhou Municipal Government, visited students from Pointe-Noire of the Republic of Congo in the university.


On February 18, Pointe-Noire donated 10,000 medical protective masks to their sister city Suzhou. Shen Yue said that Pointe-Noire has limited economic and healthcare resources and this generous donation embodies a profound friendship between the two sister cities. Shen Yue and Hua Jia brought milk, biscuits and other daily necessities to the students and asked about their study and life with great care. The students showed their spoken Chinese, shared their life experience in school, the video they made on COVID-19 prevention and the care and support they’ve got from the university. Shen Yue, on behalf of FAO, thanked SVU for their effort and encouraged the students to study hard and make contributions to the friendship between China and the Republic of Congo.

On behalf of SVU, Zhang Jian appreciated FAO for their consistent support. He said that since the outbreak of COVID-19, SVU has issued a series of epidemic prevention and control measures and attaches great importance to the living security of the overseas students. They are instructed on the preventive measures, the dormitory area is frequently cleaned and sterilized, the canteen and store are available, which safeguard the basic needs of the students. At present, online teaching for overseas students is well under way.  

On February 6, on behalf of Pointe-Noire municipal government and all the citizens of Pointe-Noire, Mayor Jean Francois KANDO of Pointe-Noire emailed a letter to Li Yaping, Mayor of Suzhou, to express the concern and support to China and the sister city. The donation was accepted by China's Embassy in ROC and would then be shipped to Suzhou.