SVU Held the Commencement Ceremony for 2020 International Students
Author:International College Source: Date:2020-06-25 Times:0

Author:International College Source: Times:0



On June 24, Suzhou Vocational University held the commencement ceremony for 2020 international students. Niu Xuelin, Secretary of the Party Committee of SVU, SVU president Cao Yumin, vice president Zhang Jian, and enterprises representatives Xiang Yang, Li Wenyu and Yang Xuhui, etc., the leaders of relevant administrative departments, teacher representatives and all 2020 international students on campus attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Tang Xiaojun, vice dean of International College. 


At first, a documentary on the study and life of the international students in the past three years was played. Seeing the familiar scenes of language learning, professional study and participation in cultural and sports activities, the students were excited and deeply touched.

On behalf of all the graduates, Adnan Ali, majoring in Mechatronics, expressed his gratitude to the CPEC Cultural Exchange Center and SVU respectively for the opportunity to study in China and the meticulous cultivation for the students over the past three years. He encouraged fellow students to strive hard in the golden age of life, to shine the value of life and promote the friendship between Pakistan and China through continuous self-improvement. 

Mrs. Wang Min, from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, spoke on behalf of all the teachers. She wished the students a new life journey and hoped that they would take the school motto of “diligence, courage, loyalty, and faith” with them, “live up to youth and be diligent in the first place”, “have great ambition and be brave in dedication”, “have faith and stick to your dreams”, “be honest and kind-hearted”, become aspiring young people to achieve the wellbeing of their own and their families and benefit the society at the same time. 


On behalf of the enterprises, Li Wenyu, CEO of St. Fulin Group, congratulated the students on the successful completion of their studies. She affectionately compared the students to the seeds representing friendship between China and Pakistan and advanced technology. Take the group’s insights in Pakistan construction in recent years as an example, she encouraged the students to take root and grow in the future work and practice, and looked forward to meeting the students in the construction of CPEC. 

Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman, the governor of Pakistan’s Gilgit Baltistan region, sent a congratulatory video to thank all the people for their efforts on the project, congratulated the students on their successful completion of their studies, and hoped that the students could employ their knowledge and skills to help Gilgit Baltistan prosper and promote Pakistan-China friendship! 

Ms. Naghmana Alamgir Hashmi, Pakistan’s ambassador to China, sent a greeting video to congratulate the first students of CPEC cultural exchange center on successfully completing their study. She emphasized that learning is the door to realizing their dreams and the key to a successful career. At present, Pakistan has many CPEC projects under way. She hopes that students can make full use of their knowledge and skills, actively participate in these projects, and make greater contributions to Pakistan’s development and enhance Pakistan China friendship.  

 Niu Xuelin delivered a warm speech. On behalf of SVU, he extended warm congratulations to the students who have successfully completed their studies. He also expressed sincere thanks to the devoted teachers and management staff, and to the families and friends who care for and support the students. He hoped that the students would share what they had learned and seen in China with their families and friends, and deepen the friendship between China and Pakistan. He hoped that the students would cherish time, pursue lifelong learning and uphold the spirit of school motto “diligence, courage, loyalty and faith” in their life! He hopes that international graduates will continue to care about the development of SVU, and revisit SVU in the future. He hopes that the students will seize the great opportunity of building CPEC as a high-quality demonstration project in Belt and Road Initiative. He said, “Today you are proud of the university, and tomorrow the university will be proud of you!” 

In a grand and cheerful atmosphere, President Cao Yumin issued graduation certificates to all the students. Vice president Zhang Jian and chairman Xiang Yang presented university souvenirs to them.  

In recent years, SVU has been actively serving the opening up of China’s education and internationalization of economy in Jiangsu. Based on CPEC cultural exchange center, SVU has been cooperating with enterprises such as Pakistan St. Fulin Group and Jiangsu St. Xianglin in the training of talents needed in the construction of “Belt and Road Initiative”, and the enterprises provide internships and employment opportunities for students. The center held joint exhibitions of China and Pakistan young artists, short and medium-term skill training and Chinese language learning projects for Pakistani enterprises, CPEC international meeting and seminar of overseas student projects in China Pakistan vocational education, etc. In all round cooperation between China and Pakistan, SVU is actively optimizing vocational education mode and developing internationalized standard teaching mode and curriculum that suit Pakistan vocational education as well, and to give full play to the strengths and responsibilities of China’s higher vocational education.